About Us

OWAL is a small software company in London. We are specialising in BigData, NLP/Text Analytics, Hadoop, and Java.

OpenWeb Analysts Ltd (commonly known as OWAL) was formed by Alex McLintock sometime in the last century to provide software development services to London companies. Since then OWAL has worked for some of the biggest names in finance and publishing including SwissRe, Deutsche Bank, Brevan Howard Asset Management, Lehman Brothers and Reuters.

The slogan "Software for Complex Websites" tries to convey the system integration work we do in building the back end servers for powerful web applications. As such we have varied interests which we will be writing about on this site.

In particular, we aim to help you get the most from Open Source Software, especially that provided by the Apache Software Foundation, Content Management Systems, and BigData problems where you have more data than can be processed by an individual machine.